Decisions, Decisions...

text from mom
shrimp skewers
and stuffed venison

two hours of driving
is it worth it?
what will I miss?

what if some great
occurence occurs
and Im not there

or worse what if
Im there
but the occurence
in fact
does not occur

How did I get
so indecisive
and afraid
of interaction

afraid to do
anything, afraid
of choices, more
specifically, the
unchosen choice

Im sure Ill just
sit at home
just waiting...


The Blue Snow Falls *revised*

This disjointed series
Of serious choices
Has left me cold

I listen with ease
To erratic voices
Some new, some old

They pontificate about white
Snowflakes and blue skies
The products of reflected light
Caught by optic eyes

They never see
Skies of white,
Or blue snowflakes

They never see
Flux as right
They like static fakes.


A Blue Snowstorm

this disjointed series
of serious choices
leaves me cold.

I listen with ease
to uninformed voices
new and old
pontificate about white
snowflakes and blue skies
which, having seen
with optic eyes
they think they understand
well enough to teach.

They never see a white sky,
a blue snowflake,
and only I,
only I know why.



You say I make you laugh,
more than yourself, more than giraffes
in turtle-necks, and you giggle
because I smiled when you said turtle.

Did it ever ocurr to you to think,
every single time you blink,
the world is gone
and your alone, alone, so alone.

You give me so much flak
Im considering not coming back,
but the warmth of your words
bridges barriers and heals hurts,

It draws me in like neon glows
in the storefronts before they close
which always make me cry
The light flicks off, and then we die.


Ironic, Don't You Think?

I sit alone at my job,
it's cold and I need
a dose of mental stimulation.
I crack wide the poet's
companion, and prepare
for timely inspiration,

when Peggy and Jimmy,
elite in the chain of command,
and powerful in many ways,
stroll near, post up, and chat,
about some random thing
for what seems like days.

They give no thought,
to the fact that I
can’t concentrate.
But I’m determined to read
so I try, then hear them,
the train is lost, so now I wait.

Like little mosquitoes
buzzing just to make noise,
it seems they aim to annoy.
Just when I think, no more!
they begin to make an exit,
and I nearly jump for joy.

So then, back to the quiet
and the peace of the page
another distraction, Peggy again
she needs a rubber band
so she gets it and then
"Awful quiet up here huh?"
she says with a grin.



In a world of forks and spoons,
  I'm the spork.
In a world of black and white,
  I'm a shade of grey.
In a world of beef and chicken,
  I'm the pork.
In a world of yesterday and tomorrow,
  I'm today.


The Ultimate Irony

very rough, but had to write this, otherwise I would have had to hurt someone...certain things just REALLY iritate me, and this is one.

im sitting at a desk
the library is cold
I open up the poet's

when the dean and a
librarian come strolling

not to talk to me
but to carry on
and cackle for
a good twenty minutes
about god knows what

they could care
less about the
book in my hands
or their voices
invading my

like little mosquitoes
buzzing, distracting
I've read this sentence
five times, can't you do
this somewhere else?

I am just an adornment
a decoration for the

I just want them to leave
but they must be
proving god's existence
or tackling illiteracy

after I've contemplated
murder, they finally
keep cackling but
start shifting away
from me

So then, back to the quiet
but wait, the dean is back
she needs a rubber band
and she smiles and says
"Awful quiet up here
by yourself, huh?"


Scribbler Award-Check to see if you got one!!!

Thank you so much Mark and Jamie Nicole. From some the award would have been ok, but to get it from you two, with the caliber of writing you guys put out, it was really a good feeling, and incredibly encouraging.

So now I will choose my 5 favorite Blog Authors (in no particular order).

but first....The Rules:

-Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass the award on to five most deserving bloggy friends.

-Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author and the name of the blog from whom s/he has received the award.

-Each Superior Scribbler must display the award on his/her blog, and link to The Scholastic Scribe, which explains the award.

-Each blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr Linky List That way, they'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honour.

-Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

and with no further ado, the lucky souls:

1) this is all your fault amazing blog with some truly inspiring poems, her talent of creating striking images in so few words is really astounding. You have to check her out..personal fav Tender and Disaster Porn

2)Jamie Nicole her blog Reasons 2 Forget has really given a good example of effective writing. I struggle sometimes with writing too abstract without images to balance it out, her poetry has been a guide. Also, I admire her honesty, you can feel that she is being real when she writes, it's as if you know her. Check her out or your missin out.

3) Mr. Muttering Mark a very talented writer, producing provocative mutterings over @ Mark's Mutterings His writing gives me the sense that I am reading some greatly creative soul's thoughts, he is skilled at creating unique often tasty images. His writing is powerful in that it produces emotion, and leaves me wanting more. Do yourself a favor and read him, often.

4) lindsayeve has an interesting blog, So it goes... check out the post Aha, yeah., so well done!

5) last but by no means least, check out Welcome To the Best Blog Ever Written of All Time though its hard to say if anyone can live up to a title like that, this blog has given me more than a couple laughs, very quirky, often controversial posts, with interesting humor. The author is honest and unafraid to share what may be uncommon views. Check it out

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful writing, know it was tough to decide, wish I could give awards to more people but this will have to do.

Keep writing people, keep sharing your life, your experiences, your troubles, and struggles...dont be discouraged if people dont seem to relate or appreciate it, it will come, as long as you are putting your heart into it, and striving to always develop your writing by constant practice.


Hamburger Stew (1st draft)

a call from the kitchen
itches my ears
I sprint downstairs

then sock slide across
the laminate flooring
nearly toppling the trash

as I swing the cabinet
wide, and grab the big bowl
with the comfy handle

then to the stove
I scurry, my mouth wet
with anticipation

lid lifted, steam spreads
I see the thick stew
rustic and simple

pan seared chuck
seasoned with spices
and soft soaked potatoes

whose soul has assimilated
to the soup
giving it body

the first few bites
burn my tongue a bit
but I hardly care

I know the warmth will pass
but let me savor it,
while it lasts
I'll forget the cold