Hamburger Stew (1st draft)

a call from the kitchen
itches my ears
I sprint downstairs

then sock slide across
the laminate flooring
nearly toppling the trash

as I swing the cabinet
wide, and grab the big bowl
with the comfy handle

then to the stove
I scurry, my mouth wet
with anticipation

lid lifted, steam spreads
I see the thick stew
rustic and simple

pan seared chuck
seasoned with spices
and soft soaked potatoes

whose soul has assimilated
to the soup
giving it body

the first few bites
burn my tongue a bit
but I hardly care

I know the warmth will pass
but let me savor it,
while it lasts
I'll forget the cold


  1. I am going to extract all details about your life from your blog until the point i know where you live and turn up for dinner.

    Fantastic poem.


  2. Thanks for the comment,

    alot of my inspiartion comes from a friend (robin on my space) writing about drinking a cup of coffee. Also Kimiya Dawson, a great folk singer.

    i've always found inspiration from food, at times in my life, it's all that has kept me together. something about the smell, the taste, the smiles.


  3. You made me hungry for warmth and comfort food. xo


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