Boredom on Paper



  1. Well, I'm biased for this post, because I love drawings :p. I think you did a really good job with the drawings, especially since you drew them with pencils (I find it so hard to give good shadows to the image with them and you managed them very well--especially #6-7-8). Have you ever tried your hand at charcoal? You might enjoy the way you can play with the textures..and the fun with charcoal is that drawing is reversed: you don't draw shadows, you just erase the light!

    By the way, I really really liked the drawing you had on your sidebar once, the one of a head&face with African traits..?

  2. It's a nice feature isn't it? You can go two octaves higher also if you want. I was glad to discover how to do that, because I'd been wondering for a long time how the partition "Caresse sur l'océan" from the movie "the Chorists" would sound an octave lower..and it's much better :) Like I said before, your piano looks a lot like mine, so I'm not surprised the features are similar. If you want, you can press on your "function" button on the piano if you have it and choose the option "Sustain". It makes each note last a little longer--I think it replaces the pedal. I use it all the time and things sound nice with it on. If you ever want other partitions, you could check the blogger site in my blog list, on the right side of my blog :) A midi track accompanies most of the partitions, so it's easier to play it afterward when you know the melody.

    Doesn't the beginning of "He's a pirate" give you cramps after a moment?! Maybe it's worse for me because my fingers are small? I really need to hyperextend them to catch those double notes.

    I hope your exams went fine--I'm not worried though, since math is your thing ;)

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    1. Thanks :) I actually made some progress after these. Will try to post some after I got a little better. Unfortunately, I haven't been drawing for some time. It's strange how you can just fall out of the habit of doing certain things. I can't explain it. I want to draw so much, I want to make music, to write, to do all these things I truly enjoy, but something stops me. I can't quite name what it is, but I have been pretty uninspired for some time I guess. I hope it is just temporary. Again, thanks for the comment. :)


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