A Plea to Myself

Take the time to talk with them today,
those you love, and can’t replace,
for all of us are on our way.

If they hurt you, as they may,
be forgiving and full of grace.
Take the time to talk with them today.

When tension rises, and moods sway,
defuse it with a kiss well placed,
for all of us are on our way.

Often they won’t fully grasp what you say,
don’t be troubled, or hide away someplace.
Take the time to talk with them today.

For soon you will be old and grey,
with scars and wrinkles on your face.
For all of us are on our way.

And the day is coming, may be this day,
when you will forever leave this place,
so take the time to talk with them today,
for all of us are on our way.


  1. Wow. That's powerful,beautiful, and wise advice.

  2. We are all on our way aren't we. We really don't take the time to appreciate what we have here and the little moments that make life special. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be years from now that we pass on. There's no way to know so we have to appreciate the time we have.

  3. RO,
    You said it all, perfectly, simply, beautifully. I have nothing to add. Just that I love this poem.
    On a side note, thank you so much for introducing me to Milan Kundera. He's wonderful!


  4. Well, that poem certainly agrees with the comment you left ;)!

    It's true that people shouldn't waste time on arguments, fights, and misunderstandings because there's a limit to that time. We have to enjoy the present moment with the ones we care about and tell them how much we care about them too.
    It's a really good poem, nicely written; I loved how you repeated the same lines a few times..maybe they'll stick to mind and incite us to really take the time with our loved ones.

    To answer your comment, I think you summarized pretty well and a lot better than I how I feel about death and the unnecessary fear around it. As to what comes after, don't be reticent to say what you think ;) I'm not going to hunt you down for an opinion. My philosophy about the afterlife is that I don't lose anything--while I'm alive--by believing that there's something extraordinary after death, and if there isn't anything, I'll never know about it!

    You don't have to believe what religion has told you about it, what your neighbour or parent has told you about it: they are there to help you build your own mind about it. Believe whatever you want.

    It's a shame you don't enjoy talking about religion, because I ADORE discussing it! I don't see how you can offend people by expressing your point of view: it's yours, not theirs. We're all free of our own opinions; that's what makes it interesting.

    Lovely Bones really is a good book..very positive! I didn't really like--at all--when Suzie came back in Ruth's body, but other than that, it was good!

  5. Well, I think we've tested the length of the comment box many times and I'm gonna laugh the day they block my comment--then it's DeFinitely going to mean that I ramble:P

    I'll check out the movie; it's probably something that's rentable, because if I ever want to watch even a scene of it, I can't do it on this internet connection! I've got a day off next week, so I'll try to watch it then. "The invention of kying" was awesome, so I'll take your word that this one is too;)

    Yeah, I know you like to write/talk about pretty much anything, but it just came across that you didn't like to discuss it because of others and I thought it was a shame. Glad I'm wrong!:)

    I love your point of view on what happens after that..it's really interesting! It sounds peaceful too, and that's definitely nice :P I hope though that I'm not gonna spend eternity stuck in my dreams, or else I'll go insane since they're all so odd!

    Oh, and I googled "Idk" and it stands for "I don't know"? I think so!

    And I forgot to say that the pic on your post is really nice..cute!
    And on the one on top of your blog, I personnally see a big fish eating two small fish...or a rocket :P I'm stopping here!

  6. Just a quick word. The title "Waking Life" didn't ring a bell at all, at first. I googled it, went on wiki, and on youtube, and realized..that I watched the movie three years ago in my philosophy class..! I never knew the title, but I recognized the pictures at once :P


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