Ruminations on Immortality

The illusion of infinity trickles past me in the street
While dwarves and fairies gently tickle at my feet

They tell me of eternity, immortality and all the glorifications of the self
And when their done, I playfully run and take Kundera from the shelf

I show them annihilation and the frustration of all their hopes
And I give them pointers that, over the years, have helped me cope

It pains me to remove the scales from their eyes
But I must, so they don’t cling desperately to lies

For only when eternity dissolves like a misty morning fog
Can we see the true beauty of being just another bump on the log

Of time, for it gives meaning to even the mundane
As if each morning coffee is a splendid refrain

In a greater song, of which we are a part
But from which one day, we must depart

But don’t despair, for death is not a thing to fear
It is a release, a gentle escape from the troubles here

Therefore, enjoy what moments of fleeting joy and ecstasy your given
And while there is still time, stop reading this poem and start livin’


  1. Death is unavoidable and we spend so much time worrying about it sometimes we forget to live. Your posts often remind me to stop and look around and enjoy my life. Great poem.

  2. Beautiful, RO. This place has changed quite a bit. I don't just mean in layout and color. You know? Where you're at is wonderful. And you take us there with your words. Thank you for that.

  3. Well, I agree with all you've mentioned in this poem, but we've discussed it and you already know what I think about death :P I think that having a time limit on life is important, because that's what makes us get out of bed and really enjoy life!:)


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