Strange & Unusual--Branching Out from Words to Sounds

Okay I'm trying something new. We'll see how it goes. I have always been fanatically, semi-spiritually tied to music. My tastes cross genres and labels and all that, I just like stuff that sounds interesting. Stuff that makes me feel things I can't explain. I can't get enough organized noise. Lately I've really been into what people call electronic music and dubstep, things like Dj Shadow, Skream, and the like. I have tried my hand at putting together some beats. So I had the idea to share some with you other music lovers out there. After MUCH toil I believe I have successfully found a way to embed the player here to avoid having you go to another site or download the file. Im thinking of you guys,I know your time is valuable. So without any further ado, here is my song entitled Strange & Unusual...enjoy.

strange and unusua...


  1. Hi RO,
    Very seductive. I loved it!

  2. Your last song sounded a lot like something that would play in a club, but this one is different..I felt more like in a lounge or something. It's really good!:D

    (it must have taken forever to have it embedded on your blog..thanks for that)


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