The Wind's Wrong *revised*

What is love?
is it big or small,
does it float above
or does it fall?

Will it cause folks
haphazardly to meet,
in line for smokes
or in the street?

Do you ever really know?
or are you just supposed to go,
carried by the wistful wind,
does it even matter in the end?

I've grown to hate
these winds of fate,
they're content just moving air,
with no reason behind how or where.

My destiny is not for me,
how could it ever be?
a gentle breeze fills the trees,
it makes my stomach ill at ease.


  1. Wow, I really like this – so honest in the simplest way

  2. So clear with a crisp feeling! Every line forces you to think about your own life! Thank you! I really needed to read this today!

  3. I really like the changes you've made.

    last two stanzas are my favorite... "they're content just moving air".... awesome.

    I love it.

  4. You are wonderful! Not only is this poem beautiful, but I greatly appreciate your comment on my blog under "Forever Waiting." Usually, I get generic answers on my poems, therefore, I wasn't expecting to be so touched by what you said but I was.

    Well, thank you so so much for reading and I hope to read some more of your wonderful words of wisdom again soon!

    ~Jamie Nicole

  5. is love a circle or a line, is it an asymtope never to be reached, do movies profess a greater treasure. who knows, but your words (and music at times) certianly provide a net.


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