Dear Gary,

When I was down, you helped me
out of a jam, and you played a part
in making me the man I am.

I know we didn't know each other long
and technically we aren't family,
but you were like an extra dad,
and more, you were a friend to me.

You taught me things about
what a man is, by simply being an example.
The things you shared, the lessons you taught
without words, your wisdom was ample,
I absorbed all I could.

You were always reslilient,
always doing good for friends,
and family, and those you didn't even know.
It doesn't seem fair at all to me,
that people like you must go.

But death is inevitable, I know you knew that,
and I know you'd be the first
to tell me not to be sad.
You had a full life, you experienced joys
I never have; you loved the open road,
a roaring harley beneath you,
wind whipping across your face,
going fast seemed to free you.

So much left unsaid, until next time,
I just hope you knew,
your smile and warm heart
made a difference to me,
and I'm truly gonna miss you.


  1. This is very touching, it's evident how much you miss this person and all of it was wonderfully said. It was definitely a pleasure to read. Can't wait for more.

  2. you create an awesome picture of him...
    beautiful work. you're in my prayers.

  3. Hey,

    Poetry is a form of writing I was never able to do...and still can't. You're really good. I'm glad you vented out on my blog, 'cause it made me discover yours:P

    Keep it up,it's very interesting,



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