Ironic, Don't You Think?

I sit alone at my job,
it's cold and I need
a dose of mental stimulation.
I crack wide the poet's
companion, and prepare
for timely inspiration,

when Peggy and Jimmy,
elite in the chain of command,
and powerful in many ways,
stroll near, post up, and chat,
about some random thing
for what seems like days.

They give no thought,
to the fact that I
can’t concentrate.
But I’m determined to read
so I try, then hear them,
the train is lost, so now I wait.

Like little mosquitoes
buzzing just to make noise,
it seems they aim to annoy.
Just when I think, no more!
they begin to make an exit,
and I nearly jump for joy.

So then, back to the quiet
and the peace of the page
another distraction, Peggy again
she needs a rubber band
so she gets it and then
"Awful quiet up here huh?"
she says with a grin.


  1. Hey, I recognize the last lines!! It's a cool variant of your last one(and the chatter definitely seems as annoying as in the last one!)


  2. Hey Reticent One!

    I am passing on an award to you, because I really enjoy your poems: I think they're very well-written!

    You can get the award by checking on my post for today on my blog!

    Congrats, you reallyyyy deserve it!



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