You say I make you laugh,
more than yourself, more than giraffes
in turtle-necks, and you giggle
because I smiled when you said turtle.

Did it ever ocurr to you to think,
every single time you blink,
the world is gone
and your alone, alone, so alone.

You give me so much flak
Im considering not coming back,
but the warmth of your words
bridges barriers and heals hurts,

It draws me in like neon glows
in the storefronts before they close
which always make me cry
The light flicks off, and then we die.


  1. So pretty yet so sad. I like that combination. Very cool!

  2. yeah, like the poem alot. bubbling, alive, real.

  3. just read this poem again, whilst listening to dubstep music. (and just recieved a failed download message for more dubstep). The rhythems (school never even bothered to teach me to spell that one) are very very similar to this poem. A constant beat with a break, or a step. if your interested try looking for flying lotus or kode 9 or nosja thing on spotify. if not just acccept that you made me smile. (again)


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