The Ultimate Irony

very rough, but had to write this, otherwise I would have had to hurt someone...certain things just REALLY iritate me, and this is one.

im sitting at a desk
the library is cold
I open up the poet's

when the dean and a
librarian come strolling

not to talk to me
but to carry on
and cackle for
a good twenty minutes
about god knows what

they could care
less about the
book in my hands
or their voices
invading my

like little mosquitoes
buzzing, distracting
I've read this sentence
five times, can't you do
this somewhere else?

I am just an adornment
a decoration for the

I just want them to leave
but they must be
proving god's existence
or tackling illiteracy

after I've contemplated
murder, they finally
keep cackling but
start shifting away
from me

So then, back to the quiet
but wait, the dean is back
she needs a rubber band
and she smiles and says
"Awful quiet up here
by yourself, huh?"


  1. Love it! I thought a library was meant to be quiet! You showed great patience! :)

    Beautiful Dreamer

  2. I love this, because I can totally relate!! It happened several times, but there is this one particular time I remember. I was trying to study for an exam and this teacher started talking in whispers to a student for about twenty minutes. But constant whispering has to be as annoying as talking!


  3. I would NOT been able to hold my peace!!! You are special!

  4. Sometimes the only answer is to strip naked and write your reasonable requests in indelible (thick) marker across your body many times. I find that gets those concerned and the polices attention.


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