The Solution

this isnt really poetry, I started trying to write it in that form but it took on its own. This came pouring out of me today all in one sitting, I edited VERY little. I am taking three upper level math courses this semester, can you tell? This idea came to me in my Discrete math class monday, the analogy of moments to points on a graph and I ran with it from there. 

My life is a math equation I haven’t found a solution for
I plot points, high school graduation, plotted
First major heartbreak, plotted, disillusionment
With the standard order of things, plotted
But like the graph of any function, even a simple line
The number of points becomes limitless, reaching off into infinity
And only by the proximity of those points does the graph begin
To appear, and only when enough are plotted.

So I have all these points, sex in Amanda’s room, but not with Amanda,
Being run over by my brother in our go-kart, and shot in the arm with a bb gun,
Driving a go-kart through a barb wire fence and coming out unscathed,
And then there is this point here, sitting in the reading room at UHD,
Curled up with my netbook, trying to convey some information to you.

But the key, and the hardest part, is synthesizing these points into some
Form of equivalent of a graph, a visual representation, that gives a consistent form
To the seemingly inconsistent randomness that is my existence.
Of course graphing my life isn’t the only way to solve it, just the first you learn.

There is also the method of recombining terms and manipulation them into a form that
We are familiar with. This is like having a role model or an archetype of which you are a variation, a manipulation. But this isn’t satisfying. It’s not objective enough, and I love objectivity.

And on the subject of objectivity let me subjectively say that objectively I don’t matter.
I know this, but I cannot stop acting as if I do. What is interesting though, is that objectively, there are a multitude of subjectivities, that is us, all simultaneously striving
To find the solution at the bottom of the page upon which we have done our work so far….what does it all add up to? Where are we going? Where did we come from? Why?

So it goes that at birth we are a point, solitary, connected to nothing really. Then when we first crawl we grow to a slightly bigger point in space. We are no longer confined to a single location.

Then when we learn to walk we become a line, simple still but able to reach out in front and behind to the ends of the earth.

Then somewhere along the way, we become capable of metacognition, and know what we know and what we don’t, this signifies the line being extended in a third direction, and consequently becoming a plane.

The next phase is one I think I am on the brink of, and it scares me at the same time that it thrills me. The phase consists of a plane being extended in a fourth direction, becoming a cubic space, but extending into infinity in all four directions. This phase is objectivity.


  1. Brilliantly beautiful!
    "And on the subject of objectivity let me subjectively say that objectively I don’t matter."
    That's awesome!

  2. I love that one a lot because you wrote it and because of the reference to math, which I also love :P!
    It's true that every different point added in a graph affects the trajectory of the line..as every situation does in life. An equation is chaos at the beginning, but you try to make an order in there to find the truth. Every variable added to an equation changes the end result, which isn't different from life either lol. You made a great parallel between both subjects and it was an interesting read!


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