It Burns

Boldness burns like molten metal
against the sides of timid souls.
If I dare say that there is no sure thing,
I'll be damned by all I know.
Still, I proclaim the truths I've shed blood for.

A crimson phoenix with feathers aflame
circles above those who speak of
ecstasy springing from agony,
and it protects them from blindness,
and it protects them from defeat.

But for those who pretend
that only ecstasy is needed,
the blackest of birds awaits,
and they find feces in their
eyes, and their lies don't stop
the agony from coming.

Know that they'll throw stones and try to tarnish
Your name, hang you, give you hemlock,
 they'll break bones for your trouble, and
when you die, they’ll garnish your face with lye
 to hurry  you off into anonymity.

But give them all the poison from your lips first,
make them look, hold their eyes open till they bleed
as the world collapses in on itself, as we stain
The fabric of this world with our hate,
Manufacturing consent, killing in the name
Of freedom, funding wars with our children’s future,
Children are abandoned to television, familes
don’t know how to love, people without a chance
All hurtling toward some distant nothingness
a planet of people who are destroying
The womb from which they came,
we rape our world out of greed, and we make
Excuses for it all, saying, “It’s the way it’s always been,
And it’s the way it will always be.”

If only they could hear us crying
If only they’d see, if only they could.


  1. That re-mix is sick man!

    "It Burns" is absolutely amazing. Your ways with words is uncanny, I'm not going to lie, I'm jealous of the passion behind this piece. I've lost my muse as it seems and have lately been floundering around the darkness grasping at little orbs of light for inspiration.

    I love the imagery of the birds and the usage of them as a symbol of freedom in contrast of the destruction....before I continue and write a long winded comment. This piece is (coming along) very good, I commend me.

  2. I have yet to listen to the soundtrack (it's gonna take me a few hours to download it because my internet is so slow), but I don't doubt its awesomeness(especially after Invidus's comment) so for sure I'm going to listen to it soon!

    The piece you're working on can stop being worked on lol! What can you change? It sounds pretty good as it is! I love the lines about shit happening in life even if you try to live as though it doesn't exist.

    The last paragraph sure is scary and so true at the same time--which makes it scary. We're not headed in a good direction, are we?

    I hope you won't change a thing to the poem. I really like it.


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