Sarah over at Writer in the Making tagged me, so I am supposed to say where I'd like to be in 10 years. This is really tough for me, but here goes.

In ten years I would like to be a debt free college graduate, teaching students to love math. On tuesday's I'd go to a writing club and mostly sit and listen to people's stuff, and try to help them make it just right. Then one day if I had the courage, maybe read something of mine. In ten years, I hope to have read many more books(especially Sarah's latest), learned many new ideas, but most importantly to have become more honest with myself and others.


I think it is very important to do this sort of thing often, and especially the way Sarah said she had,

"Fun fact: I actually wrote the 3 objectives of( being a nurse, publishing a book, and moving somewhere else) on a piece of paper that I keep in my wallet, to remind me of my dreams...always."

I read a book recently called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

check it out. I really enjoyed it. It was written in like 1960 or so. Maltz was a plastic surgeon, so it's easy to discount what he says, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

His book is ultimately about reaching goals, and that alot of times what inhibits our reaching our goals is not our lack of ability, but the self-imposed restrictions of a poor self image.

So I guess that's it, I'm done for now folks. FYI: I finally had time to post this because I am stuck at home with a semi-bad foot sprain. hoping it will be okay tomorrow with the RICE method.

I leave you with a quote from Sartre

"Everything has been figured out, except how to live."
Jean-Paul Sartre


  1. You know when you said that one can read a lot about what you write? Well, I can tell that you have the potential to become a great teacher, because of this: 'teaching students to love math'. Teach someone to love a subject and not teaching just the subject..anyway!

    How did you sprain your ankle?Is it better?What's the rice method???:P

    Btw, I love Sartre!:)Did you read him in philo or in your literature classes?

  2. Well, you haven't answered me about the rice method, so I'm racking my brain and I came up with Rest and ICE...or listening to Damien Rice.

    In philo, I read 'Existensialism is a humanism' and in my French class 'Huis clos', which is, in English, according to my best friend Wiki, 'No Exit'. I really recommend 'no exit' if you haven't read it. Know you're busy, but the story is really short and to DIE for (lol, my idea of a joke ;)

  3. Well, at least I figured the first two words of the acronym, right?:P

    I love Cannonball because of the words, of course, those last two lines are a killer, really! If there were partitions of 'cannonball' for piano, I'd try it!
    But I really love 'the Blower's Daughter' too..it made me cry like a baby when I listened to it the first time !

    So, since you read the book, my joke was good, right? ;) (NOT!)


So...what did you think?