Search for Freedom

Don't waste time in fits of frantic worry adjust your mood, you better hurry or else you'll be alone within, alone without you can't even listen to what he's talking about you're too concerned, irrationally so with the book you can't find, where did it go? my mind is a TV without the remote a tune that slips back to the same worn out note the more I try, the less it does an exercise in futility, because it simply must pass in its own time write a poem, listen to Sublime occupy your mind, think of something to create take the time to perfect it and make it great you'll soon forget what not to recall and stumble upon one of the greatest truths of all a worried mind stifles an artist’s imagination and the way to find freedom is through creation


  1. Such a deep and beautiful poem

  2. I rather like your blog and I have added it to my Blogger's Cafe: http://avarchives.blogspot.com/ at the moment I have you in Novice Bloggers in Library 4, because it is a relatively new blog. There are many blogs out there like yours and I would like to have a category for them, but I am at a loss as to a suitable title, perhaps you could help. If so, please leave a message on the latest post on the home page of Blogger's Cafe.

    Thank you



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