Change of Heart

a man alone adrift at sea nothing but his boat and he no crew, no kids, no friends or wife this used to be my ideal life but now I've learned the value of someone nearby to show my love it takes the focus off of me and evokes the change i wish to see the world's lack of love sucks and most care more about bucks than taking any interest in what those close to them do and when I now want a wife, but it must be just right the kind I can't stop thinking of in the middle of the night who's funny, spontaneous, but mature who has no idea what life's all about, or at least isn't sure who wants to learn with me, maybe show me some things and who won't run away despite what tomorrow brings call me old fashioned, or a romantic idealist but in my humble opinion, i'm simply a realist


  1. What a lovely poem! Are you a tender man? I think so!

  2. mmm...the change I wish to see

    beautiful. I love this poem.


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