To Be Me

His indignity is masked by silence,
He gave up trying long ago.
He expended tremendous effort
To expose the depths of his soul.
but none understood, instead
They tried to assign him a role
In their drama, selfish
Inclination toward complete
And utter domination
They seek control
Of all in their tiny sphere
But they will not succeed here
They’re blind and cannot see
that all I long for, all I need
is the freedom to be me.

Every moment botched by transience.
Why not wander without aim
In this sick and twisted game?
If he places his hope in a far off star,
It burns out years before he’s begun.
If he puts it in this planet,
It’s scorched and dried up by the sun.
Six billion people praying
To different gods they can’t see,
Six billion people saying
There’s no such thing as me.


  1. My oh my, how I've missed your writing!
    Beautiful and raw and clean.
    Love it!

  2. That was wonderful. It tackles the very essence of being human and trying to find ones self. The last two lines were especially powerful.

  3. ms fin: your comments are always a joy to get, I bought me a neat little netbook, that i can take everywhere, so I should be posting more regularly now. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed it, esp the feedback.

    Eva: thanks so much, I just visited your blog, and I gotta say...it's amazing, great writer, painter, and someone who likes songs that mean something, and a Gemini to boot :)

  4. "If he places his hope in a far off star,
    It burns out years before he’s begun."

    That is such a great line.

    I love your new header by the way.

  5. Elfie thanks, I love science!

    Glad you like the header, it took a LONG time to make, the four on the right are me, the other two my older brother and younger sis, ever since I saw Waking Life by Richard Linklater I have been fascinated with animating over pictures...but boy is it time consuming. But its worth it when other ppl enjoy it thanks for stopping by :)

  6. I was wondering where you'd been!!!

    I really love the fact tha you write about the freedom of being our own selves, because I truly believe in that. I think it's so important to do whatever we want without trying to fit in a mould society has created.

    There's nothing like freedom.

    By the way, I really love your new template!


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