Chest Relief

you know the type?,
tell you how to life your life,
but hows theirs lookin?...
Im just tryin to find whats true,
wonderin what Im supposed to do,
and just between me and you
i dont believe in secrets...
and to be honest
it's hard to be real
with anyone but myself,
don't need no self help,
just self motivation,
acoustic instrumentation
and security from Annihilation..

thought i was done but i aint,
thought i could quit but i can't,
gotta get this shit off my chest,
lies, injustice, hate
and all the rest,
what are we doing
with this planet we share,
why doesnt anyone
act like they care,
take a second to ask
what you know is real,
when you figure it out
let me know how you feel,
too many people
not enough love,
moral integrity?
whats it made of?
love and truth,
beauty and freedom,
faith and hope
do we really need em?
they bring suffering
and disillusioned youth
and I can't help but wonder...
if ideals aren't popular illusions?...
neatly packaged and sold as truth

im just plain sick,
people think they understand
but they don't,
I try to let them be,
but they can't stand me...
they tell me to change but i WONT


  1. God, there's lots and lots and lots of good material in there! A lot of philosophy, a lot of things that we think, but don't say.

    Good one (I'm not surprised)


  2. hello,

    sorry it's been a while, been very caught up in new jobs and such like. Your's is the first blog i checked back into. glad i did. my wine cork just sprayed red stains on my jeans. i can emphasise with your frustration, just what are we doing with this globe, but i am fighting, i hope we are fighting. One of the reasons why i've been so distant is getting used to my new job: enacting real climate change solutions in asia. i'm not just talkign about pv panels on rich cunt's homes i am talking about mass energy solutions. it's a hard fight, but many intelligent people are fighting without government authority, in fact after copenhagen the engineering community has said 'fuck this' and are fighting with out gloves, change will occur at the city and peoples level. I hope this reassures, it's a murky world of politics & hope.



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