So much to do, I forgot where to start,
foul clothes need cleaning soon,
holes need mending in my heart.

Pick a plan, a string of circumstance,
figure it all out before you're done.
I just wish I could've had the chance
to consult before I'd begun.

Sit down with the unmoved mover
and ask why we must maintain,
a state of perfection for him to maneuver
in the realm of our senses again.

Just a word, a glimpse, a sign
would be more than enough,
but when the only voice is mine
it makes it rather tough,

For me to get an accurate view
of what life should be,
of what's really true.

They say he lived among us
for thirty three some odd years,
and they're awfully zealous
concerning the resurrection that relieves all their fears.

I've examined what they call evidence
and there's some compelling reasoning,
but it's tough to tell the difference
between inherent logic, and wishful thinking.

The latter clouded my judgment
so it seemed to all make sense,
I wanted to find contentment
so I put up a weak defense.

For now I'm content not knowing
the underlying nature of reality,
where we came from, where we're going,
and what the sense of it all might be.


  1. You have a way with your words Reticent One. I hope you find your way. I too am still searching for answers and contentment in those answers, but I AM searching. Do not deviate from the journey simply because you do not see a clear path.

  2. I agree...keep searching. If you look for answers you'll find them, if you look with open eyes and an open mind.

    I really like the feeling of this one...it's very compelling. I'll be back to read it again.

  3. I really like this. For a long time I had the same thought process, and I was unsure as to the purpose of life and living. However, I've come to realize that we are truly the masters of our own destinies and through thinking positively about life and our dreams they will become achievable, regardless of outside circumstances that may be discouraging in life. It took me a long time to realize what a difference it can make onto your life but once you let go of the thought of outside forces i.e. god or some mystical being having a say on how your life will be led it is quite a powerful feeling. I suggest you read "The Secret" or watch the movie they made of it… Or look into theories about the law of attraction. I spent too much time dwelling on nihilism and wish I knew about those philosophies sooner.


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